B.E. in Software Engineering, Overall GPA: 89.33/100, 3.75/4.0, Top 12.3%

Sep. 2016 – Jun. 2020

· Rank: 15/122 (First Two Years: 17.5%, Next Two Years: 5.3%)

Awards and Honors

Awards and HonorsSelected RateDate
Software Star and Fire Brigade Scholarship Top 6%, 8/121 Nov. 2019
The National Encouragement Scholarship 2019 Top 2%, 3/121 Oct. 2019
Honorable Mention in 2019 Mathematical Contest in Modeling Top 8 ~ 30% Oct. 2019
The National Encouragement Scholarship 2018 Top 2%, 3/122 Oct. 2018
2018 China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Tianjin Area The Second Prize Sep. 2018
The Honor of Best Project for Summer Internship in Jisuanke Company Top 2%, 2/90 Aug. 2018
The Official Representative of the 25th Student Congress of Nankai University Top 3%, 4/122 Apr. 2018
The Star of Self-improvement for Chinese College Students Top 5 of University Dec.2017
The National Encouragement Scholarship 2017 Top 3%, 4/121 Oct. 2017
Nankai University Students Excellent Individual Pacesetters in Social Practice Top 1% Aug. 2017
The Fifth Teddy Cup Data Mining Challenge Competition Successful Participants Jul. 2017
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Research Projects

Robust Anomaly Localization for Multi-dimensional KPIs in Large Web-based Services

Jul. 2019 – May. 2020

Under review for ICSE SEIP 2021

We, a team of 4 students, combine classical indicators to locate anomalies for non-additive KPIs with multi-dimensional attributes, and implement root cause analysis by data mining; Technologies: Python
1. Responsible for labeling anomalies and trying to combine different indicators to evaluate anomalies
2. Implement Monte Carlo Tree Search to accelerate the anomaly localization.
3. Parallelize the calculation of different combinations of dimensions

Incompressibility Enforcement for Multiple-fluid SPH Using Deformation Gradient

Apr. 2018 – Oct. 2020

Accepted by IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
Advisor: Lecturer. Bo Ren, Media Computing Lab

To maintain incompressibility in fluid simulations of SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) is important for both visual plausibility and computational efficiency. Under the guidance of Bo Ren, a senior student and I tried to integrate a novel incompressible SPH solver into existing incompressible SPH frameworks; Technologies: Mitsuba, Houdini, C++, OpenGL, CUDA
1. Realized divergence-free SPH on which I tried to apply a novel solver
2. Rendered and stitched each frame of the demonstrating video from the output data of the program

Log Processing and Switch Failure Prediction Based on Machine Learning

Mar. 2018 – Mar. 2019

National College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program
Advisor: Assistant Prof. Shenglin Zhang
Team Leader of Five Students; Technologies: Python, Scikit-Learn

1. Feature Engineering: used Frequency Template Tree to process oceans of switch logs and extract features of logs
2. Data Training: used scikit-learn to train positive matrix and negative matrix and predict the switch failure

Internship Experience

Beijing ByteDance Technology Co., Ltd.

July. 2019 – July. 2020

Intern Engineer, Video Cloud Department, Video Architecture, R&D Department
School-enterprise Cooperation Project: Anomaly Localization for Non-additive KPIs with Multi-dimensional Attributes

1. For the KPIs (fail rate, broken rate, buffered rate, etc.) among all the ByteDance’s products, I am responsible for modeling a swiftly positioning and analyzing system of root causes to help quality assurances to locate and resolve true problems

Beijing Judao Youda Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Jisuanke)

Aug. 2018 – Sep. 2018

Internship (Full time) in a company providing online education and educational information services
Project: Educational Communication Platform - Science Captain (2100 Laboratory Management System)
Five Students; Technologies: Python, Vue.js, HTML

1. Participated in a whole development of frontend/backend engineering, including the engineering processes and agile development
2. Analyzed the user needs by brain map, completed part of front-end pages using Vue.js/Bootstrap, and finished front-end tests using Mocha and documented project